Hey Beauties,

The lovely team at Ahmad Tea kindly sent me a hamper of Teas so i thought i'd review them as i absolutely LOVE them and you guys need to get some!

Okay, so you're probably wondering who are Ahmad Tea ?
Well, they're a lovely London-based company who produce a range of 
tea bags, loose teas and gifts including: black tea, green tea, flavoured teas, and herbal teas.

They distribute to over 80 countries on six continents, where it can be found in selected restaurants, hotels, specialty shops as well as some chains! 
Not only do they sell super cute Teas but they're ethically amazing! Ahmad Tea was awarded the ethical investor of the year award for its charitable initiatives in the UK and support of orphanages! LOVE it!

They literally do every flavour of Teas you can possibly wish for:

- minty
- zesty
- fruity
- spicy
- aids digestion
- is calming
- is revitalising
- tastes strong
- tastes light
- tastes great iced

I will definitely be purchasing their Teas in the future as they're the perfect way to start my morning off. That and they've amazing health benefits! I guess you could say its a 'Win-Win SITUATION'.

Instagram: @ahmadtea
Twitter: @ahmadteaUK

 Lots of love, Ati xoxox

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